ADVANA Creative Ad Guide

Get the creative specs and technical requirements for ads on ADVANAs platform



Design Recommendations​

  • Video Ratio: 9:16 to 16:9

  • Recommended Resolution: Upload the highest resolution video available that meets file size and ratio limits.

  • Video File Size: 4GB Max

  • Video Length Minimum: 1 second

  • Video Length Maximum: 240 Minutes

  • Video Captions: Optional but recommended

  • Video Sound: Optional but recommended

  • Text: 125 characters

Technical Requirements​​

  • Mobile

    • Mobile Feed

      • Video Duration

        • Minimum Video Duration: 1 second

        • Maximum Video Duration: 14460 second

      • Video Dimension

        • Minimum Width: 120 pixels

        • Minimum Height: 120 pixels

      • Video Size

        • Maximum Video File Size: 27306 M

        • Minimum Video File Size: 1024 bytes

      • Video Aspect Ratio

        • Minimum Aspect Ratio: 100x400

        • Maximum Aspect Ratio: 400x100


Best practices for Video Ads

Tell your story with sight, sound and motion. Video ads come in a range of lengths and styles—from short, feed-based ads you watch on the go, to longer videos you watch on the couch. 

With video marketing, one size doesn’t necessarily fit all. A video ad should be as short as it can be, and as long as it needs to be—shorter videos have higher completion rates, but longer videos let you share more complex messages.

​Your video should be able to capture attention and deliver your message without relying on sound. Sight and motion are the foundation of feed, so try to tell your story visually or add captions as needed. If people do choose to watch with the sound on, it’s a great opportunity to delight them with audio.