What is CPM?

The Cost Per Thousand or CPM is the cost an advertiser will pay once the measured impressions have reached 1000.


To clarify whenever a consumer visits one of our partnered kiosks (or is using our mobile app) while your ad is being shown. If they complete a transaction, only then will you be charged.

This ensures that you're only paying for impressions when a consumer has seen your ad.  

Why not a flat fee?

A lot of Micro-Market advertisers charge a flat startup fee, but they never guarantee your ads will be seen. Your ad may be run with multiple items in a carousel and never get the chance of being in the eyes of the consumer. 

At Advana we don't want to be like the rest. We strive to ensure you're getting the best results possible from working with us.

See our pricing below


  • Advertise on In-market Screens

  • Verifies your product is in stock prior to campaign launch

  • Report back impression volume on a weekly basis

Starting at

$2 CPM

Promote Plus

Everything in Promote

  • Offer discounts to your customers

  • Monitor offer & advertising performance

Starting at

$4 CPM


Everything in Promote Plus

  • Get exclusive advertising & offers for your category

  • Optimize advertising & offers during campaign

  • Track sales performance over a rolling 12 months

  • Reach consumers using our mobile apps

Starting at

$5 CPM